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Federal Traumatic Brain Injury Program State Grant Fact Sheet: Idaho
Summary of Accomplishments: Idaho TBI Implementation Grant 2006-2009
TBI Implementation Partnership Grant (04/01/2009 to 03/31/2013)
Idaho State University, Institute of Rural Health (ISU-IRH)

Federal Traumatic Brain Injury Program State Grant Fact Sheet: Idaho

This fact sheet highlights only the activities funded by the Federal TBI Program. Go to for information on additional State TBI activities.

Federal TBI Program

More than 3.2 million Americans live with a disability as a result of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) after being hospitalized. Many of these individuals and their families are confronted with inadequate or unavailable TBI services and supports. Passage of the Traumatic Brain Injury Act of 1996 (PL 104-166) signaled a national recognition of the need to improve state TBI service systems. The Act authorized the Health Resources and Services Administration to award grants to States for the purpose of planning and implementing needed health and related service systems changes.

Lead State Agency

Idaho State University-Institute of Rural Health

Idaho's Grant History

Idaho has received $2,317,814 in Federal TBI Planning, Implementation, and Implementation Partnership Grants. The State has provided approximately $1,178,141 in matching support.

State Population and TBI

State population in 2005: 1,423,000
Est. TBI-related emergency department visits per year: 7,330
Est. TBI-related non-fatal hospitalizations per year: 599
Est. TBI-related disability per year: 490

Note: State population is from the 2005 Census. TBI data are estimates of the number of individuals and are from the CDC TBI Surveillance Grant Program and NCHS data.

Grant Objectives

  1. Establish a trust fund to benefit civilian and military personnel with TBI and their families.
  2. Move TBI Advisory Council forward.
  3. Support families of returning service members with TBI.
  4. Monitor Idaho’s TBI Medicaid waiver and trauma registry.


  • Collected and analyzed TBI needs and resource (N&R) data collected across 6 years. Over 1000 individuals and family members (28% return rate) and 576 private and agency providers (13% return rate) completed separate statewide N&R assessments. These data are published in Brain Injury (Vol 21, pp 837-849, 2007).
  • Idaho’s TBI Virtual Program Center (VPC) has had 17,000+ hits since March of 2006. All links are being updated; new content will continue to be added over time. Chat and forum features are anticipated to become active within the next few months to facilitate communication between individuals with TBI and family members.
  • 50+ hours of live instruction dating back to 2003 have been added to the VPC. All sessions have been evaluated and copies of PowerPoint presentations and handouts have been posted at
  • 200+ links specifically dedicated to Veterans and their families have been added to the VPC.
  • A TBI representative sits on the new Trauma Registry Advisory Committee.

Continuing Effort

In 2008, 414 registrants in 3 states participated in a series devoted to returning Veterans with a TBI. 90% rated presenters as good to excellent. The Department of Defense-Deployment Health and Family Readiness Library included the series under their site’s “general resources” section.

For Further Information

State TBI Program
Russell C. Spearman, M.Ed.
Principal Investigator
Idaho State University - Institute of Rural Health
(208) 373-1773

Federal TBI Program
CDR Jane Martin Heppel
Director, Federal TBI Program
(301) 443-2259

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